Jim's Group

The Jim’s Group

Jim Penman created the Jim’s Group in 1982 whilst completing a PhD in history. The Jim’s group started as a part-time gardening business that has now expanded to a full-time company with over 2900 franchisees in four countries. The success of the Jim’s Group seems unlimited – with significant franchises range of different industries.

The Jim’s Group prides itself on its personnel, with only the best and brightest approved as franchisees and franchisors. Through ongoing training and access to the wealth of knowledge & support in the Jim’s Group network, members of the team are encouraged to work hard and meet industry standards. This passionate attitude results in the best customer service and quality results for clients.

With over 33 divisions, the Jim’s Group has a large and loyal client base. Friendly staff and expert experience have combined to make the Jim’s Group a household name. With a wealth of services available, including Jim’s Test & Tag and Jim’s Fire Safety, businesses and individuals have access to a capable group of Jim’s Group technicians.

Jim’s Fire Safety 

Jim’s Fire Safety is an extension of the Jim’s Test & Tag team. Our technicians have over 10 years of experience in the safety testing industry. Our staff are technically trained and thorough in their approach to fire protection equipment testing. With franchises across Australia, businesses and individuals can maintain their fire safety equipment easily and remain compliant with the current Australian safety standards.

Fire protection equipment testing is essential in protecting your business from hazardous occurrences. Our technicians know the importance of thorough testing & tagging procedures and can help you minimise risk in your building. We inspect and test the functionality of your protection devices and examine the accessibility of each piece of equipment.

Jim’s Fire Safety are members of the Fire Protection Association Australia and signatories to the FPA Australia Code of Practice. We are a recognised business under the FPA Australia Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS). Our fire safety technicians have access to ongoing support and training and as a group, we strive to provide our local communities with excellent fire protection and prevention services.