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Winter Fire Hazards

July 20th, 2018|Categories: Fire Protection|

At Jim’s Fire Safety, we know that fire protection is important all-year-round. During different seasons, the risks change. Make sure you take a look at [...]

Why Your Business Needs Fire Protection

May 4th, 2018|Categories: Fire Protection|

According to the National Safety Council of Australia, the following alarming facts about fire protection are true in businesses around the country: less than 25% [...]

Fire Safety Advice for Landlords

March 24th, 2018|Categories: Fire Protection, Real Estate Services|

Protecting your property is important, and so is protecting your tenants. In Australia, landlords have safety obligations - these responsibilities may extend to real estate [...]

How to Prepare for a Blackout

February 24th, 2018|Categories: Fire Protection|

During the last week of January this year, Melbourne encountered an intense heat wave. Extreme temperatures can greatly increase the chance of a blackout - [...]

Fire Safety Standards Australia

January 18th, 2018|Categories: Fire Protection, Jim's Fire Safety|

There are a number of fire safety standards Australia has in place to make sure that local workers are safe. We are lucky enough to [...]

Types of Fire Safety Equipment That Are Available in 2020

November 6th, 2017|Categories: Fire Protection|

There are many different types of fire safety equipment. Each device is designed specifically to deal with the different classes of fire in a range [...]

Active Vs Passive Fire Protection Systems

July 17th, 2017|Categories: Fire Protection|

The fire protection systems market is booming. With so much money being spent in this industry, it is clear that businesses are realising that fire [...]

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