Looking for fire equipment supplies in your area? Look no further. At Jim’s Fire Safety, we provide fire equipment services to businesses across Australia. This includes supplying, installing, replacing, and maintaining your fire protection equipment. 

In Australia, there are a number of protective and preventative items you are required to have in your business. These requirements are in place so that: 

  • members of staff and visitors to your property will have access to functional fire protection equipment 
  • the chances of damage to your property are minimised 

If you’d like to know more about our services, browse through our website and get in touch. You can fill in an online form or call us on 131 546. 


Our maintenance services are essential for businesses across the nation. As a part of our inspection services, we supply and install fire protection equipment – and if we find a faulty item in use on your property, we can organise a replacement. Our fire equipment supplies include: 

  • Fire extinguishers – wondering where to get a fire extinguisher? Our Jim’s Fire Safety team have you covered. We can supply your business with many different types of extinguishers in all shapes and sizes. We can perform pressure tests and refills for your existing equipment to make sure everything is in safe working order. 
  • Fire blankets – it is really important that fire blankets are installed in the correct area. You need a professional to make sure it is installed according to the current safety standards. 
  • Fire hose reels 
  • First aid kits – we have first aid kits and supplies (including kits for vehicles) 
  • Repairs – many of our technicians are licensed to conduct repairs on electrical appliances and safety equipment that could potentially cause a fire. Contact us today for more information. 

For fire equipment supplies and maintenance, call us now. We can service your entire property for both your fire and electrical safety requirements with our joint Jim’s Test & Tag / Jim’s Fire Safety technicians. 


In order to determine which fire equipment you need for your business, you will have to conduct a risk assessment. Once you have identified the unique risks associated with your business and the nature of your environment, you will be able to select your equipment. 

According to Workplace OHS, every business should cover the following factors: 

  • Emergency response plan – this can include an evacuation plan, a safe meeting point, and fire safety training for your employees. 
  • Installation of fire equipment supplies – including fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and hose reels. If you own the building, you will need to make structural considerations, including fire doors, sprinkler systems, and alarms. Each item needs to be installed according to Australian Standards to make sure they work correctly and are accessible in an emergency. 
  • Maintenance – fire protection equipment needs to be regularly maintained in order to preserve it’s effectiveness. 
  • Hazard reduction – if you have identified any hazards during your risk assessment, you need to come up with a plan to contain them. This includes the management of chemicals and other flammable materials. You should make sure your team members are aware of which fire protection equipment is suitable for each different hazard. 

For more information about your requirements, please contact us today. Our technicians are based all around Australia and will be able to talk you through your local fire safety obligations.