Fire Safety in Pilbara

Health and safety gets a bad press these days with tales of its more bizarre features. However, it is essential in keeping people safe and is a necessary part of the modern environment. Workplace health and safety sets out rules and regulations for keeping employees safe at work. This extends to Pilbara fire safety and covers the different types of fire safety equipment to be used and how it is tested and maintained.
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Applicable Fire Safety Regulations and How to Comply

One of the main bases for meeting workplace health and safety requirements in terms of fire safety is AS1851. This sets out rules and regulations that aim to ensure that building owners meet the necessary standards that are imposed for Pilbara fire safety systems. Compliance with these rules and regulations ensures that building owners meet state regulations and workplace health and safety rules.

AS1851 has been established for a number of years and has gone through several versions. Different states and territories have adopted varying versions of the standard, so you need to be aware of the appropriate version you need to comply with depending on where your business is located.

The standard covers various types of fire protection equipment and methods, setting out the number and type of equipment needed and how this should be tested and maintained. It is applicable for the owners of the equipment and those responsible for testing and maintaining it.

AS1851 Compliant Fire Safety in Pilbara

Although there is always the hope that fire equipment will never need to be used, AS1851 aims to ensure that it is always available to use if necessary. In that respect, it sets out a four-point approach to ensuring all Pilbara fire safety equipment is compliant with relevant laws:

  • point one covers the inspection and testing of the equipment, in line with a checklist set out for each type, to ensure it conforms to standards

  • point two details the information that needs to be documented in respect of each piece of equipment

  • point three covers the reporting and rectification of equipment that has failed the inspection and testing process

  • point four deals with the completion of an annual condition report that covers all findings and any rectification that has been necessary.

Ensuring Compliance for Fire Safety in Pilbara

All equipment has to be tested at least annually although some items require a more frequent check. For example, fire hydrant systems are assessed six-monthly while alarm systems and pumps need to be checked every thirty days. Equipment in hostile environments, which are those where there is heat, moisture, dust, corrosive chemicals or other factors that can affect performance, is also required to be tested more frequently.

It is a complex although necessary arrangement and is difficult for companies to be properly familiar with so they can be sure they’re compliant. Consequently, it is something that’s best left to professionals who can ensure everything is done properly.

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At Jim’s Fire Safety in Pilbara, we’re completely aware of the regulations, including the variations in different states and territories, so we can ensure you’ll comply. We’ll inspect and test all equipment at the prescribed intervals to ensure it conforms and works properly. We’ll rectify faults and provide all the necessary reports and documentation, so everything is recorded. This means that you can concentrate on running the business in the knowledge that fire safety in Pilbara is taken care of.
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