Fire Safety in Shellharbour

Fires occur rarely and most of us will never experience one affecting a home or business. When they do occur, however, they are a serious threat to people and property, and should be prevented at all costs. A fire in the home threatens the lives and well-being of the occupants as well as the property they live in. It can seriously and permanently change lives. A fire in company premises not only endangers the lives of those who work and visit there but also seriously inhibits the working of the business. Indeed, many companies that suffer a serious fire never fully recover and often go out of business as a direct consequence.
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Fire Safety — a Shared Responsibility for Everyone

Fire safety in Shellharbour may be the primary responsibility of the owner or manager of a business or the landlord of a residential property, at least in legal terms. They are the ones who are ultimately responsible for any failings of insurance or preventative measures should a fire or other serious mishap occur.

In essence, however, everyone who works in a company, who lives in a property or visits a building has some responsibility for their own safety and that of others. For owners and managers, the onus on them is to ensure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and knows how to discharge them.

Expert Fire Safety in Shellharbour

The problem is that most owners and managers don’t have the knowledge and experience to deal with safety issues themselves, let alone communicate them to others. They generally have enough on their hands ensuring that the business runs properly or that a residential property is correctly maintained and run for the benefit of tenants.

That doesn’t mean that fire safety in Shellharbour can be ignored —far from it. Business owners and managers have both a legal and moral responsibility to ensure that employees, visitors and building occupants are kept safe at all times and that there is proper business continuity.

Working Towards Fire Safety in Shellharbour

In order to meet their fire safety responsibilities when it’s a subject most business owners and managers aren’t competent to deal with, the best way is to use people and organisations that specialise in this topic. These include:

  • fire safety experts who can advise on and help prepare emergency evacuation plans, the best type of safety equipment to install and its location, and the training of staff in safety procedures and the use of equipment

  • professional contractors who can install the required equipment and ensure it’s easily accessible and usable by staff

  • experienced maintenance companies that can check and maintain safety equipment to ensure it’s always in full working order and will do what it’s been acquired for.

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Any business or landlords’ insurance you have may be dependent on having appropriate safety procedures and equipment within your property. Having equipment that doesn’t work properly is likely to invalidate this insurance and may mean you will not be paid out in the event of a fire.

At Jim’s Fire Safety in Shellharbour, we’ll test all your portable electrical appliances and fire safety equipment at prescribed periods to ensure it works correctly. We’ll report on and rectify any failures and will fully document all testing and servicing that’s undertaken. That way, you’ll be able to prove conclusively to your insurer that everything is in order and will never run the risk of not being properly insured.
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