Fire Safety in South Melbourne

Fires by their very nature are often unexpected and, because of this fact, are difficult to prepare for. However, as a business owner or manager, you have a responsibility for the safety of your employees in the same way a home owner is responsible for family and friends’ safety. You do, therefore, need to take all reasonable actions to ensure your fire Safety in South Melbourne is top notch. Keeping everyone safe from the danger of fires entails a lot of different measures. In addition to acquiring the correct equipment, you need to be sure it’s accessible for use, can be correctly deployed by all those who are affected and, above all else, will work properly when it’s needed.
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Causes of Fire and How to Deal with Them

Many fires are caused inadvertently by a combination of human error and negligence. People do things they know they shouldn’t do, often things they’ve been trained not to do, and cause a fire hazard as a result. They smoke in restricted areas and discard cigarette ends and matches carelessly or they fail to switch off electrical equipment or use it incorrectly.

Such careless actions can cause fires and incorrectly placed, unfamiliar or malfunctioning equipment can then fail to prevent these fires spreading. Electrical fires can also result from equipment that isn’t properly maintained and has faults that users aren’t aware of.

Trusted Experts on Fire Safety in South Melbourne

Any fires that do start will be made worse if they occur in areas that are untidy, cluttered with flammable waste that will feed the flames and help them to spread quickly. Even worse if fires are in areas that store flammable liquids or gases that have a low flash point and so ignite easily.

Different types and severity of fires are normally dealt with in different ways, especially as regards the use of fire extinguishers that are designed for various kinds of fires by spraying appropriate fire retardant substances. It’s equally important that employees know how to use the various extinguishers in different situations, that the fire extinguishers are easily accessible and are in full working order.

Ensuring Effective Fire Safety in South Melbourne

The effects of a fire can be severe for any organisation and, aside from the dangers of injury and loss of life, can put a company out of business. The best way to insure against this is by having effective fire protection systems that employees are familiar with and that work effectively.

Adequate maintenance of all fire safety equipment is absolutely crucial since having equipment that doesn’t work is the same as not having any equipment at all.

At Jim’s Fire Safety in South Melbourne, we can ensure you comply with all your legal and moral obligations by testing your fire safety equipment at prescribed intervals to make sure it will perform correctly when needed. We’ll advise of any failings, carry out remedial action and ensure your employees and business are kept safe.
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