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As a business owner, you have so many things to think about every day, which are usually related to the operational concerns and need to meet targets. Those that enter into business no matter what industry they bring their expertise to seldom have a complete sense of what is required to ensure that the endeavour is not only successful but safe and compliant.

Here at Jim’s Fire Safety, we are fire safety consultants serving Tasmania and seek to bridge the gap in knowledge that may exist in your company and in doing so ensure that the risk of fire is as low as possible, and your ability to combat it is not impeded by poor equipment and out-dated plans.

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Fire Safety Consultants Serving Tasmania

We are a mobile service, so you don’t have to worry about figuring out where and when to bring your devices, instead, all we need to know is when suits you best for us to drop in and complete our testing.

Your workplace is the central hub of operations for everything that you and your employees do. Without it, your ability to work and make a living that can help support your family does not exist. Here at Jim’s Fire Safety, we believe in proactively taking measures to protect such investments and means of living a fulfilling life. When it comes to fire safety in Tasmania, we encourage you to hand the crucial job of safeguarding your premises and equipment to the professionals.

Why You Need Fire Safety Professionals

A fire safety consultant will look at your premises differently to how you will. We are experts in workplace safety and assessing potential risk and impediments to your abilities to battle a blaze should it break out. As such, our detailed report will equip you with the changes that need to be made, the equipment that should be replaced and any and all actions that should be taken to secure your facility.

At Jim’s Fire Safety, we know that the wellbeing of your employees is one of your key concerns. Taking action to make their workplace risk free will not only bring you peace of mind, but the regularly scheduled visits from our team will let your workforce know that you have their best interests at heart and actively invest in their safety.

When you hire professionals to complete fire safety testing in Tasmania, this can have a positive knock-on effect in terms of reducing your insurance premiums. What’s more, by implementing the changes recommended by our experts, this can lower the number of accidents in the workplace and, therefore, reduce the chances of a potentially costly lawsuit.

We Are Fire Safety Consultants In Tasmania You Can Depend On

With over 150 years of combined experience, our team at Jim’s Fire Safety offer a depth and wealth of information, technical expertise and knowledge that is unrivalled in the industry. Rest assured that we are also insured in the event of a mishap, with $10 million Public Liability Insurance and $2 million Professional Indemnity Insurance to our backs.

When you seek to safeguard your livelihood and take measures to reduce the risk of injury or accident to your workforce, it is imperative to retain the best fire safety consultants Tasmania has to offer. Here at Jim’s Fire Safety, we are the professionals you can depend on and we invite you to complete the online form for a free quote, which will be the first positive step toward a safer future.

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