Data Management

Data Management 

At Jim’s Fire Safety, we have an electronic data management system that keeps the results of your fire safety tests, as well as a catalogue of your fire protection equipment and maintenance, in one easy to access history.  Monitoring your fire safety efforts is simple with our optimised management system and excellent service team.

Keeping track of your fire protection testing obligations is much easier when you have help from our testing team. Our secure management of your testing records makes scheduled maintenance simple.

Working in unison, our technicians and customer service team input your data into our system and reduce paperwork, combining all of your data into one downloadable file. Take advantage of our unique data management solutions today so that your business remains as organised and efficient as possible.

How is my data managed?

Our fire safety technicians create a detailed report based on the results of each test for each piece of equipment. A formal document is provided to the client including comprehensive testing results for every piece of equipment. Here is an example of what an overview of your test results may look like in the provided document:


Below, we have included an example of the testing data for one 9 Kg Dry powder fire extinguisher. You can see each check our technicians have performed and the results of each test.

data management

The date for your next test will be included in the document, and you can request notification of scheduled maintenance for your fire protection equipment. Click here to view an example of a full report.

Why do people continue to choose Jim’s Fire Safety?

Having an ongoing relationship with your fire protection provider is really important when it comes to scheduled maintenance. Keeping track of your past tests and results is significantly easier when they are stored in one place. At Jim’s Fire Safety we service your building with accuracy whilst ensuring your valuable records are stored for later use. Our data management system makes it easy for clients to book appointments, and test their fire safety equipment at the appropriate intervals.

We offer an all-inclusive range of fire safety equipment inspection and testing services. Your fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and hose reels will be examined and verified for safe use. Records of your test results will be accessible so that you can verify your compliance with Australian work safety standards. Our data management solutions are in place to make your fire safety testing experience clear and easy.

The fire safety testing team have a number of recurring clients because of the following factors:

  • Excellent service: Our technicians are dedicated to providing quality work and friendly service. Our data management system and reminder service keep clients informed and content. Jim’s Fire Safety technicians take great pleasure in connecting with new clients and forming valuable relationships.
  • Industry expertise: We provide thorough initial training to all of our staff members and ongoing training to ensure safety standards are met. Your local technician can answer any enquiries you may have about our services or your compliance requirements.
  • Mobile service: Access the fire safety services you need across Australia with our mobile service. A technician can come to your place of business and carry out all your testing requirements when it suits you best. Our team members are flexible and ready to assist clients with unique requirements.