Electrical Testing and Tagging

Electrical Testing and Tagging 

At Jim’s Fire Safety, we also offer electrical testing services. You can ensure your place of work is safe by hiring one of our technicians to conduct electrical testing and tagging of equipment and appliances. Our safety testing technicians are highly trained and dedicated workplace safety. You can protect your business effectively with our team.

If your building contains electrical equipment, you need to have it tested regularly according to the current Australian work safe standards. With our safety testing team, you can verify that your appliances, power supply units, and equipment are safe for use on the day of testing.

What is testing & tagging?

Our electrical testing services involve inspecting and testing electrical equipment or supply units according to the AS/NZS3760 standard. Testing & tagging should occur at regular intervals dictated by the national standard. Only technicians with experience, and strict adherence to the current safety standard should carry out testing & tagging works.

A safety technician will come to your place of business and assess each piece of nominated equipment. Depending on the nature of each device, one of our team members may make recommendations about the environment or suggest a replacement. A tag will be attached to the appliance/equipment and dated so that each user is aware of when the item was tested.

Why is electrical testing important?

Your business is obligated to provide a safe workplace for employees. Electrical safety is paramount. Testing & tagging of electrical equipment and appliances is an essential preventative workplace safety measure. Through electrical safety testing at regular intervals, you can be aware of the hazards in your business, and ensure you have strategies in place to manage them. Minimising harm in the workplace is our number one priority. Make safety your priority with Jim’s Fire Safety.

Which equipment/appliances should be tested?

If you have any electrical equipment in your building or workplace, you should have it tested & tagged. Any equipment that is connected to electrical supply is applicable. This includes any pieces of equipment that are being used for the first time, are in use, have been recently serviced/repaired, are second hand, or available for hire.

The following items can be found in workplaces across Australia. Please note that each item on this list requires regular inspection and maintenance:

  • Power boards
  • Portable appliances (including power tools)
  • Food preparation appliances (mixers, microwaves, toaster ovens, coffee machines)
  • Extension cords
  • Any item that plugs in or has a power lead

When does the equipment need to be tested & tagged?

Electrical safety testing frequency requirements vary according to the type of business and the nature of the equipment in use. You can contact us for more information about your individual obligations, or refer to the AS/NZS3760  standard that our fire safety technicians work to. Your testing frequency requirements may vary from every 3 months to every 5 years.

Why should I choose Jim’s Fire Safety for electrical testing and tagging?

Our professional staff use only certified electrical testing equipment. Our technicians are knowledgeable and prepared to service your business based on your unique testing requirements. We work to the current Australian safety standards and ensure your obligations are met. Our data management system is in place to keep thorough records of testing results, and notification of scheduled maintenance is available.

We are mobile and flexible. You can ask one of our team members to visit your business and conduct testing on site when it suits you. Jim’s Fire Safety technicians are sensitive to disruptive work and ensure all tests are completed with minimum productivity loss in your workplace. Contact us today for capable safety compliance services.