Smoke Alarm Testing in Tasmania

The difference between feeling safe in your own home, or knowing that the employees who work tirelessly for you every day are safeguarded against the outbreak of fire, is the presence of a smoke alarm. This simple, but highly effective device has been a mainstay throughout the developed world for decades and saves thousands of lives each and every year. However, like all technological devices, regular maintenance is required to ensure that they are still effective
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Our Smoke Alarm Testing Service in Tasmania

At Jim’s Fire Safety, we specialise in smoke alarm testing in Tasmania. With a combined experience working in this industry of over 150 years, our friendly and efficient professional safety technicians offer a service that is second to none.

We understand that nothing stays the same forever, and so we regularly undergo training and development courses to guarantee to our customers that we are delivering a service that meets the current code of practice.

A smoke alarm in the home is the first line of defence in the event of a fire, or to identify where smoke is being generated in an area where it should not usually be. The last thing that you want is for your smoke alarm to let you down in such crucial moments, which can easily happen since many are battery powered, and if they have not been replaced in the last ten years then the chances are that they may be ineffective.

A Responsible Approach to Smoke Detector Testing

Here at Jim’s Fire Safety, our smoke alarm testing services give Tasmania homeowners, business owners and landlords a professional means to safeguarding their property. The Residential Tenancy Amendment Act 2012 states that in Tasmania, functioning smoke alarms must be installed in residential rental properties from May 1st, 2013.

If you are responsible for the installation of appropriate fire safety equipment, then it is vital that steps are taken to assess the requirements for your building and determine where smoke alarms are required and where they should be placed. Our professional technicians come with a wealth of expertise and experience and are perfectly placed to assist you in this regard.

Nobody wants to have to deal with the aftermath of a fire. The loss of property is one thing but as we all know things can turn out a lot worse in some cases. Having taken proactive measures to assess and ensure that your smoke alarms work is essential in such instances.

Insurance companies will look for evidence that proper maintenance and testing was carried out, and the risk of liability, therefore, drops once you have a paper trail to back this up.

Smoke Alarm Testing In Tasmania Is Worth It

Regardless of whether you are a homeowner, a landlord or a business owner, setting aside the time and catering for fire safety in your budget is an expense that is always worth investing in. The return you receive is a safer property that protects not only the lives of those that occupy and spend time in it but the assets and effort that you have put into it. As such, the team here at Jim’s Fire Safety are the ideal choice for smoke detector testing in Tasmania.

We offer a free quote to those interested in retaining our services, and as a signatory to the FPA Australia Code of Practice and a Recognised Business under the Fire Protection Association Australia and Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme, there is no better option on the market ready to safeguard your business, home or property.

Protect Everyone with Alarm Testing in Tasmania

When fire strikes, it can have disastrous consequences. With smoke alarm testing in Tasmania, you can ensure the safety of everyone.

At Jim’s Fire Safety, we are here to protect you, and your employees from a fire with our safety testing. By choosing to work with Jim’s Fire Safety, you can ensure that your workplace meets the Australian safety standards.

If your fire safety equipment, such as your smoke alarm, does not meet the standards, we can support you by repairing and recommending new products. What’s more, we can help you to maintain your equipment because it is this that makes everyone safe.

Create a safe environment with a working smoke alarm

Everyone should have a working smoke alarm. As a business owner or manager, it is your responsibility to protect your employees from fire. Similarly, homeowners and landlords must ensure that homes are protected.

A fire alarm is the first alarm that tells you something is wrong often before you smell, see or feel it.

To get the maximum benefit from your smoke alarm, you should have enough fire alarms that have been placed in accordance with the standards set by the Building Code of Australia.

By testing your smoke alarm, you can be confident that everything is in working order and, should the worst happen, the alarm will sound to allow you, your employees, tenants or family get out in time.

Smoke alarm testing is also a simple way to check your alarm does not require any maintenance.

Why choose Jim’s Fire Safety?

Jim’s have over 150 years of experience of working in the industry, keeping people and possessions safe from fire.

What’s more, because we have over 150 franchises across Australia, we are available to help you in Tasmania and further afield.

You can be confident that when you choose our services, you are getting an expert that you can trust. Our staff are highly trained and supported throughout their time at Jim’s to ensure they deliver a top service to you every time.

At Jim’s Fire Safety, we like to make it personal, which is why when we come and test your smoke alarm in Tasmania, we connect with you personally to make sure that your business or home has everything you need to make it as safe as possible from fire.

To make things as easy as possible, we come to you. We are fully mobile, and we can arrange a date and time that suits you.

Once your smoke alarm systems have been tested by us, you will receive a full report. We also help you to maintain your systems by sending you a reminder, which is a free service, and by letting you know how often your systems need to be tested.

For added peace of mind, it is good to know that we have $10 million public liability insurance and $2 million professional identity insurance.
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Safety is nothing to mess around with.

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