At Jim’s Fire Safety, we know that fire protection is important all-year-round. During different seasons, the risks change. Make sure you take a look at these winter fire hazards to keep your business or home safe. 

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Check out the following range of hazards to prevent any accidents in your building. 


It goes without saying – your fireplace is a risk. 

If you have an open fire place, make sure there is a grate in front of it. Don’t stand too close, and don’t dry any clothes too close to the fire. 

Never leave a fire place unattended when you’re not in the building. 

Portable Heaters 

Some of the biggest winter fire hazards are space heaters. Through incorrect usage and no maintenance, people across Australia expose themselves to risk. 

If you’re using a portable heater, make sure it is plugged into the wall. This will prevent any circuit overloads that often occur when heaters and fans are plugged into extension cords and power-boards that aren’t compatible with your appliance. 

Again, don’t leave the heater on when it isn’t in use and make sure it is in an area far away from flammable materials. 

As part of your office fire safety plan, make sure your employees are aware of portable heating and the associated risks. 

To make sure your heaters are working safely, contact our team and ask about our portable appliance testing services. 

Cooking Accidents 

Kitchen fires are amongst the most common reasons people call for emergency services all around Australia. Whether you’re a domestic chef or you run a commercial kitchen space, winter increases the demand for hot food. 

To minimise the winter fire hazards in your cooking space, make sure you have a functional fire blanket installed and maintained. Check that your team members (or loved ones) know how to deal with a clothing fire (stop, drop, and roll). 

Electric Blankets 

If your electric blanket is more than five years old, there is a good chance that it needs to be replaced. They can be damaged quite easily and have catastrophic effects when they don’t function correctly. 

Do a check for any product recalls (to see if your blanket is safe) and buy a new blanket from a reputable manufacturer if you are in need of a replacement. 

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