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Fire Safety Testing & Service in Launceston

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Regardless of whether it is your home or business, either of these will prove to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest investments of your life. You will undoubtedly pool a lot of your financial resources and time into developing them and hope to gain many years of happiness, as well as the creation of wealth from both. As such, the importance of protecting that investment cannot be understated.

Here at Jim’s Fire Safety, we deliver a fire extinguisher service Launceston residents and business owners alike stand to benefit from. Our team of highly experienced professionals will arrive on your premises equipped with the most up to date practices, procedures and norms associated with excellent fire safety and prevention. What’s more, our friendly and effective team brings a combined experience tally of over 150 years to your doorstep, which affords you a world of expertise and knowledge that is second to none.

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Fire Extinguisher Testing in Launceston

We are a signatory to the FPA Australia Code of Practice as well as an FPAS Recognised Business in the Inspect and Test area of work. This level of professionalism and dedication to high standards ensures that when you book us, you are retaining the services of the best in the business. 

Your first point of defence in the event of a fire will always be that fire extinguisher that hangs on your wall. As such, it is crucial that should the worst happen; you are assured that the equipment at your disposal is fit for the risk and will prove reliable and effective when used.

What Fire Extinguisher Testing Also Incorporates

However, fire extinguisher testing in Launceston as delivered by the team here at Jim’s Fire Safety takes a lot more into account that the functionality of your devices. We understand that change is a part of life and so the layout of your home or business will undergo some redesign from time to time. The addition of new machinery, furniture or even moving things from one room to another all has an impact on your fire risk level.

As such, our technicians will advise if it is necessary to move your extinguishers from their long-standing location to a more accessible and appropriate place. If they are obstructed in any way or there are signs of wear and tear evident as a result of the changes to your premises, then it is absolutely worthwhile to have a professional test them rigorously to ensure that they are still fit for purpose.

At Jim’s Fire Safety, we appreciate that in the aftermath of a fire everybody will calm down and thank their lucky stars that their extinguisher helped them stifle and suffocate the blaze. At this point, it is worth making a call to schedule our technicians for a callout. We deliver fire extinguisher refilling throughout Tasmania, and it is essential that you reload and prepare your device as soon as possible once it is used.

Keeping You Compliant With Fire Extinguisher Service In Launceston

Those that are responsible for the fire safety devices and planning on their premises also stand to benefit from regularly having our technicians on site. We can help keep you up to date with the prevailing codes of practice, which can change from time to time. What’s more, our detailed report and records for each of your devices will ensure that you have access to the appropriate records, should you require them.

So, for the most comprehensive fire extinguisher servicing Tasmania has to offer, look no further than the team here at Jim’s Fire Safety. Complete the online form today for a free quote.

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