Fire Extinguisher Testing & Service in Tasmania

If you are serious about ensuring the safety of your home or workplace, then it is crucial that you regularly schedule fire extinguisher testing. Tasmania is no different to anywhere else in the world when it comes to the basic expectations that those that rent accommodation or work in a space that is provided by a landlord or employer. The basics should be the easiest things to get right, but it is easy for people to become complacent and when this happens risk of fire increases.

Here at Jim’s Fire Safety, we are here for those that appreciate the need for proper testing. Our safety technicians come highly trained and gain the benefit of regular education and the most current practices when it comes to all matters related to fire safety.

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Fire Extinguisher Testing Service in Tasmania

Our technicians have combined experience of over 150 years and are committed to delivering exceptional customer service in tandem with the most reliable fire extinguisher service Tasmania has to offer.

Here at Jim’s Fire Safety, we seek to offer a complete service to those that call on us for our expertise. As such, when we evaluate your fire extinguishers, we don’t just check the devices, but instead take other factors into consideration, so that should you need them you are appropriately prepared.

What You Gain from Fire Extinguisher Testing

With regards to the equipment, having a professional carry out a thorough inspection will ensure that it is fully loaded and as such ready to use in the event of an emergency. Furthermore, we will check that the pressure is properly calibrated so that you have a full spray when using it.

Fire extinguisher servicing in Tasmania also affords you the chance to have your equipment assessed in terms of its worthiness and effectiveness. Developments in technology mean that this equipment undergoes changes and improvements over time and so if your extinguisher is a little old, or has dents or if rust is presenting on the body, then our technicians can advise you if the time is right to upgrade.

While it may not seem like a key concern, the updating of an office can often result in your fire safety plans being compromised. A few changes here and there may not seem like a problem, but with the benefit of an objective assessment by the professionals here at Jim’s Fire Safety, you could learn that the positioning and placement of your fire extinguishers could be improved. This reduces risk and makes your ability to react in an emergency more effective.

Finally, technology has afforded business and homes alike the chance to gain the benefit of many new tools that can help safeguard their premises. As such, we can answer questions in this regard and advise on which devices may be most appropriate for you.

Get Fire Extinguisher Testing Done In Tasmania

Furthermore, we also complete fire extinguisher refilling in Tasmania so if you have recently used your device and need it topped up, feel free to let us know.

At Jim’s Fire Safety, we believe in a proactive approach to the prevention of fire and in taking measures to have effective protective devices in place should an emergency arise. Our reminder service is the perfect complement to the testing work we carry out, and our clients stand to benefit from having regularly scheduled checks.

Rest assured that in retaining our services you gain the experience and knowledge of the best in the business. Call today or complete the handy online form for your free quote.

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