Fire Extinguisher Testing & Service in Adelaide

Those that take fire safety seriously inevitably look for professional assistance when they are investing in their equipment and setting it up in the home or workplace. While there are plenty of great professionals working in this industry, there are countless others that have some basic knowledge but no real capabilities with regards to providing the proper tags, reports and records.
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How To Know If Your Fire Extinguisher Service Person in Adelaide is a Professional

When you want the help of a fire extinguisher service in Adelaide it is important to have the ability to differentiate between the professionals and the non-professionals. Compliance is crucial, particularly for businesses, but it can also make a real difference where insurance claims factor. Determining which service provider to go with usually requires a little research but there are a few things that you can look out for.

At Jim’s Fire Safety, we are a signatory to the FPA Australia Code of Practice and are a Recognised Business under the FPA Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme. This affords our customers a sense of absolute confidence in our abilities and commitment to following the correct procedures and carrying out all our business dealings in a proper way.

We are highly skilled, educated, certified and accredited professionals. We are not in the business of selling equipment for the sake of it. Instead, we want to ensure that your property is protected to the highest standards and we will afford you our complete professional attention when we visit your property and complete our inspections. We even provide customers with a free quote upfront.

Why Codes of Practice Make a Difference in Adelaide

At Jim’s Fire Safety, we know that each tag that we give when completing our fire extinguisher testing in Adelaide is a mark of our abilities to effectively and properly complete all checks required. Once we are satisfied that your equipment meets or exceeds the standards that apply in your state then and only then will we provide a tag to indicate its worthiness on the premises.

One of the ways that we give additional confidence to our customers is through providing detailed reports and records that they can file away as apart of their fire safety compliance. We know that in the event of a fire and insurance claim that you will most likely have to prove that you were in full compliance and so our records detail the checks we completed and illustrate your commitment to doing your utmost to have effective fire safety equipment in place.

Adelaide FPA Signatories

Our status as FPA signatories speaks volumes about just how committed we are to bringing a superior level of service and professionalism to the workplaces and homes of our customers when it comes to our fire extinhuisher testing services and beyond. We are proud to operate the best fire extinguisher service Adelaide has to offer and encourage those that are unhappy or unsure about the effectiveness of their current efforts to call to book an appointment.

At Jim’s Fire Safety, we are serious about holding to the Australian standard for fire extingueshers, because we know exactly what is at stake. Trust us with your fire safety. We won’t let you down.
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Are you looking for fire protection services Adelaide? Our friendly Jim’s Fire Safety technicians have everything you need to protect your workplace from a fire. Let us maintain your protective equipment and ensure your building is compliant with the national safe work standards.

At Jim’s Fire Safety, your safety is our number one priority.

We complete the fire protection testing Adelaide businesses can’t afford to go without. You will have peace of mind knowing that your staff will have access to functional fire protection equipment during an emergency. Our testing technicians highly trained and up to date with safety testing standards to make sure your organisation is compliant.

Our Adelaide franchise members are qualified to perform fire protection services in line with the national and state-based requirements. Each technician is required to hold a Certificate II in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing from the Fire Protection Association (FPA) Australia.

All businesses have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for employees and guests.

With our fire safety testing Adelaide services, you’ll never miss an appointment. Our free reminder service is the perfect way to keep track of your safety testing needs. We’ll set a date for testing that complies with the current standard intervals and remind you when your next test is approaching.

Keeping your workplace safe has never been simpler.

Fire Safety Services Adelaide

At Jim’s Fire Safety, we offer a range of services to businesses. Our services are completely mobile ­– Jim’s technicians are flexible and available to service your property at a time that suits you. For fire protection services Adelaide, the choice is clear.

Our specialised technicians can visit your place of work and complete any of the following tests.

Fire Extinguisher Testing Adelaide

According to the AS1851 standard for the routine service of fire protection systems and equipment, all portable and wheeled fire extinguishers need to be tested at least once every 6 months. Our team members will complete a variety of tests to verify the functionality of your device. Refills and pressure testing will be completed when applicable.

Fire extinguishers Adelaide

At Jim’s Fire Safety, we are fire extinguisher experts. Our technicians have experience with all the different types of extinguishers and their intended usage. We can travel to wherever your business is located in Adelaide and attend to all of your fire extinguisher requirements. Ask us to visit your property and perform the following checks:

  • Accessibility
  • Anti-tamper device
  • Exterior & instruct
  • Service tag
  • External damage
  • External corrosion
  • Outlet hose assembly
  • Pressure indicator
  • Contents full charge
  • Signage
  • Support bracket
  • Discharge nozzle
  • Weight

After we have verified the functionality and accessibility of your device, we will apply a service tag so that your team knows the equipment is safe to use.

Fire Hose Reel Testing Adelaide

Fire hose reels are the perfect supplementary fire protection equipment to have installed in your workplace. Hose reels are effective when extinguishing paper or wood-fuelled fires. Our fire safety technicians can check the accessibility of your hose as well as a range of other checks.

Fire Blanket Testing Adelaide

Any workplace with a kitchen needs a fire blanket. According to the AS1851 standard, they need to be inspected at least once every 6 months. Through periodic testing and maintenance, you can make sure your team members have access to an effective fire blanket should an emergency situation arise.

Smoke Alarm Testing Adelaide

We offer property management services to help make sure you meet your compliance requirements as a building owner or real estate agent. Smoke alarms need to be installed and working in order to protect tenants. We also offer RCD testing as a part of our property management packages.

Emergency and Exit Light Testing Adelaide

We offer exit and emergency light testing services to businesses across Adelaide. We perform discharge tests, bulb cleaning and replacement, and checks for any defects. Ensure your staff have a safe exit path during an outage or emergency.

Fire Protection Adelaide

For the most reliable fire equipment services Adelaide businesses can get, contact our team at Jim’s Fire Safety today. We have a fantastic data management system that has been designed specifically to help businesses keep track of their testing compliance requirements.

We keep detailed records of all your tests. After we complete an inspection, you will receive a copy of the report with all the testing information and a re-test date. As a part of our free reminder service, we will let you know when your next test is due. This will help you keep on top of all your fire equipment testing Adelaide requirements.

Why choose Jim’s Fire Safety Testing Adelaide?

We can offer a full suite of safety testing services to your business. This includes electrical appliance testing and tagging in addition to fire equipment testing Adelaide services. Let us complete a full electrical risk assessment of your environment and make sure your staff members are protected during a fire.

When you choose our team, you’ll have access to the following range of advantages:

  • Friendly staff
  • Expert advice
  • Ongoing support
  • Full service
  • Free reminder service
  • Fully mobile
  • Flexible appointments

The Jim’s Fire Safety team have over ten years of experience in the safety inspection industry. We take pride in contributing to our community so we offer the best fire safety services Adelaide businesses can get. Contact us today if you have any questions about our work. We are here to help you make sure your workplace is secure.


Establishments whether public or private, run the risk of having a fire break out and a good way to manage fire safety is to install fire extinguishers. In the event that a fire does accidentally break out, they are usually the first line of defence.

To ensure that your extinguisher is in good working order, you will need to carry out regular testing of the equipment. Jim’s Fire Safety offer fire extinguisher testing services in Adelaide and ensure that you are not caught flat-footed with defective equipment in the unfortunate event of a fire on your premises.

Do You Really Need a Fire Extinguisher?

Fire extinguishers are a first response in the event of a fire and if used quickly enough, prevent a fire from spreading out of control and if attended to promptly, will usually succeed in putting it out. Their importance, therefore, is to ensure that a fire is immediately contained and does not have a chance to spread.

In this respect, fire extinguishers are a vital but somewhat overlooked aspect of fire safety, be it in homes, offices, institutions, factories or manufacturing plants. Often people will give little thought to them once they are purchased and installed on their premises and will even forget that they are there. Therein lies the risk.

Avoid the Risk

Taking your fire extinguisher for granted poses a great risk to yourself and those around you. It is not enough to own a fire extinguisher. In the event of a fire, you want to be sure that your extinguisher will actually work. It would be a disaster to discover that it doesn’t.

Keeping your extinguisher in good working order ensures its functionality and guarantees your safety. At Jim’s Fire Safety, we offer a fire extinguisher service in the Adelaide area.

Once you purchase and install a fire extinguisher, you should ideally have it tested 6 monthly to ensure that it stays in perfect working order. Inspections are carried out by our highly qualified and certified technicians to ensure that your fire safety equipment is in good working condition and will function as intended.

Risks Associated With Self Testing Fire Extinguishers

Testing of fire extinguishing equipment should only be carried out by a licensed fire protection company. By testing it yourself, you will be releasing some of the pressure, which would then result in equipment failure when you will most need it.

Fire Equipment Inspection Professionals

At Jim’s Fire Safety, we are licensed and certified fire equipment inspection specialists and can carry out your fire extinguisher testing in Adelaide and across Australia. Through our franchisees all over Australia, we are able to able to undertake fire extinguishing equipment inspections anywhere in the country.

When you contract us, we bring over ten years of experience, committed staff members and professionalism to your establishment, and a guarantee of high quality service. We offer flexible appointment schedules that work to your convenience.

Please get in touch with us to let us know what would be a suitable time to carry out your inspection. Our phone number is 131 546, or you can contact us online. We will be happy to hear from you.

Jim’s Fire Safety specialises in fire safety protection for homes & workplaces around Australia. We offer a variety of services such as smoke alarm testing and fire extinguisher testing to ensure you are safe if a fire does occur. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.


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