Fire Blanket Regulations For Commercial Sectors

Fire Blanket Regulations – Your Responsibilities

Did you know that under the Australian Standard of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 WA, commercial businesses are required to have their fire blankets fully inspected every 6 months?

A fire blanket has a significant role to play especially in commercial premises where food is being cooked, flammable substances are being used or create, or the risk of small fires is prevalent. When called upon, you need to expect a fire blanket to immediately extinguish a small fire if not contain it to allow employees to exit the premises. However, without being regularly inspected and properly maintained, a fire blanket can fail to perform as needed when a fire does occur and present a significant safety threat in the workplace.

For that reason, the Australian Government require that fire blankets undergo very thorough inspections. Each 6-month fire blanket inspection is required to include the following checks:

Fire Blanket Accessibility
The blanket should be clearly visible, in its assigned location, as outlined in safety manuals and materials to staff, readily accessible for use and installed in accordance with the current safety standards

Fire Blanket Signage
Signage highlighting the availability and direction for use for the fire blanket should be clearly visible and contain correct, up-to-date directional information.

Fire Blanket Container
Commercial property owners must ensure to check that the blanket container is securely supported, clean, free from any damage, has clear instructions for use and a record label attached.

Fire Blanket
The actual fire blanket itself should be examined for any signs of damage or contamination and be correctly folded according to the manufacturers’ instructions.

Expert Fire Blanket Testing

Commercial business owners in Australia place their trust in Jim’s Fire Safety to ensure all fire blanket testing requirements are met. This is a key area of workplace safety compliance for any business. No workplace can afford any lapse in standards or issues with regards to fire safety and ensuring their core fire safety equipment are in full working order is central to this.

When you hire Jim’s Fire Safety to cover your fire blanket testing needs, we will attend on-site at agreed, scheduled intervals to fully inspect every fire blanket and relating containers and signage on your premises in according with government regulations.

Our expert technicians have the knowledge and skills to ensure that every aspect of the test is performed to regulatory standards. We provide a report for each of the tests performed and a log book of all of the results to ensure you have proof of inspection to hand should it ever be requested by governing authorities.

We have our ten years’ experience in fire equipment testing and are both professional and polite and highly efficient with our work. We’ll work around our schedule to ensure our inspections don’t disturb your daily business operations. With our inspection notification system, you’ll always be informed about when your next inspection is due and when our team will be on site to carry it out.


Trust in Australia’s Fire Safety Experts

At Jim’s Fire Safety, our services don’t just stop at fire blanket testing. We offer a full scope of services, from smoke alarm testing to electrical testing, property management to fire hose testing, fire extinguishers inspections to emergency light testing and much more.

We have the expertise and the experience to cater to any of your fire safety needs. Enjoy complete peace of mind by partnering with Jim’s Fire Safety. We’re here to help you stay compliant, protect your property and safeguard your tenants and/or employees. Get your free quick quote today online or use our website contact form to reach out with any queries.

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