Australian Fire Hose Reel Regulations & Standards

In the event of a fire, it would be horrifying to discover your fire hose reels are not functional. This would be a disaster. To prevent this from happening, guidelines have been set by the Australian Government that seek to ensure that all fire safety equipment is functional and can be relied upon to provide relief in the event of an emergency.

The fire hose reel regulation that specifically deals with this is AS/NZS1221, in which it states that maintenance for fire hose reels must be carried out 6 monthly, to make sure that your reels perform to the expected standard during an emergency.


Life and Property Saving Equipment

Fire hose reels are an extremely important element in the event that a fire breaks out and greatly assist in bringing a fire under control and putting it out. The retractable hose is usually extended fully from the reel to allow water to be pumped through. Maintaining the reel and hose in good condition is vital to ensuring its efficacy.

Jim’s Fire Safety experts will be happy to avail their services to your establishment, to ensure that your fire safety equipment is properly maintained, allowing you to meet the Fire Hose Reel Australian Standards.

Our team of dedicated professionals spans right across Australia, and we are certain that wherever you are located, a member of our team will be able to assist you in keeping your equipment in good working order and assuring your safety and that of your staff.

The Maintenance of Fire Hose Reels

Fire Hose Reel Maintenance must be done 6 monthly. During the check the following things are controlled to ensure they are in proper condition:

  • The hose and reel are in a fully functional condition.
  • Couplings and joints should be watertight
  • The spray nozzle is clear and adjustable
  • Test flow to ascertain flow rate

These may not seem very big maintenance issues, but if any one of them is not in proper working condition, then the risk is that the flow of water will be restricted in the event of a fire. Inspection can only be carried out by professional and certified safety maintenance personnel.

Once done, the hose reel should be rolled back and full details recorded on the service label that must be attached. A pressure test should be carried out every five years to see the maximum amount of water pressure the hose can withstand.

Doing this would indicate how well the equipment will work during an emergency. Any issues that are found will be dealt with and resolved immediately. We at Jim’s Fire Safety are happy to carry out the testing of your equipment

During our routine inspection and maintenance, we work to verify the following

  • assessment of the hazard risks has been taken into consideration,
  • water supply
  • connection fitting
  • fire hose reel pump
  • accessibility and location
  • mountings
  • commissioning
  • record of installation

We always ensure that the above comply with the terms laid out in Standard AS/NZS 1221 in order to issue the inspection certificate and issue a comprehensive report on each piece of equipment we test. Furthermore, we have a data management system that ensures that you are kept fully up-to-date on the Fire Hose Reel Australian Standards ensuring you do not run into any compliance issues.

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