Fire Safety in Canberra

Welcome to Jim’s Fire Safety in Canberra where we are committed to training and supporting all our technicians so they can serve you at the highest level. We ensure that every community in Australia has access to expert fire prevention services and support in protecting their property.
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Local Fire Safety Technicians in Canberra

Our nation-wide safety inspection and testing teams are made up of incredibly hard-working individuals who have the full support of their dedicated divisional managers and regional franchisors. We trust every person in our workforce to help you ensure the safety of the things you care about most.

We can support a wide range of clientele including both industrial and commercial businesses as well as residential and real estate customers. Safety isn’t something to be taken lightly which is why you should trust the experts.

Fire Safety Inspection and Testing in Canberra

Most businesses operate from buildings and offices which means that you need to have a plan in place for how to evacuate in the event of an emergency. If you experience a blackout, having evacuation lighting is an essential part of ensuring your fire safety in Canberra. This simple but effective measure will help to minimise panic while maximising the chances of your staff being safe from harm.

In accordance with the Building Code of Australia, every story of a building that has a total floor space greater than 300m2 must have an emergency lighting system. This system must be installed in every room that does not open to a hallway that also has a floor space greater than 100m2. Every hallway that’s included in an evacuation path must also have emergency lighting.

In addition to lighting, emergency exit signs need to be clearly visible above any door that leads to a required exit. Knowing all of your obligations regarding fire safety can be complicated which is why you should trust Jim’s Fire Safety team to help you ensure that no harm comes to you and your staff. Have staff in other states? Don’t worry, whether it be fire safetin in Newcastle or urgent advice of fire safety in Logan City we provide our services in various regions across australia.

As well as giving you advice about emergency lighting, we can also install and test portable fire equipment to adhere to the latest Australian safety regulations. According to these standards, all emergency luminaires and exit signs must be tested and inspected every six months to ensure that they will function correctly in the event of an emergency.

Once we have completed testing, we will also be able to replace any broken globes in the lighting system. We offer energy-efficient replacement globes that will reduce your lighting costs as well as minimise your impact on the environment.

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Nothing is more important to us than ensuring the safety of you and those that you care about. Whether you need a fire safety solution in Canberra for a business or residential property, we’re guaranteed to have the ideal solution for you.

Get your free quote by going online and filling out our request form or call us and speak to a friendly advisor on 131 546 today! Your safety is our number one priority.
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