Fire Safety in Perth

At Jim’s Fire Safety in Perth, we specialise in working alongside businesses that use dedicated fire safety procedures. Whatever your requirements, we’re here to support you in making your property as safe as possible.
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Dedicated Fire Safety Procedures in Perth

If you’re new to fire protection, it can be quite overwhelming. Luckily, we have over 150 years of combined experience between our dedicated technicians. We have technicians all over the nation to ensure that you have the best fire safety no matter where you’re located.

Our friendly customer service team can assist you by providing advice and further information or by booking an appointment for a consultation. Protecting your home or business doesn’t have to be difficult when you have us by your side.

Protect Your Home and Business in Perth with Fire Blankets

In both commercial and domestic kitchens, the threat of a fire is very real. Therefore, it’s vital that you have a fire safety blanket installed and your smoke detectors tested regularly trusted professionals. Unlike fire hoses and some fire extinguishers, fire blankets can be used on fires caused by cooking fat or oil. They can also be used on clothing fires.

These blankets work to ensure your fire safety in Perth by smothering the fire and cutting off its oxygen supply. Fire blankets should be easy to access and remove from their casing and should also be intact. A blanket that has a hole in it will not perform its function in protecting you from a fire and one that is difficult to remove will waste precious time.

Here at Jim’s Fire Safety, we can install, test and maintain your fire blankets to ensure that you’re prepared to deal with an emergency. We can also give you our expert advice on how to maximise your safety with the placement and accessibility of your fire protection equipment.

We carry out testing of your equipment in accordance with the most recent Australian safety standards.

Because we carry out thorough tests every six months, you’ll always be compliant and prepared in the event of a fire hazard. You’ll also get a detailed report of the test for your peace of mind.

You can’t put a price on investing in fire safety procedures as it would potentially save lives, your property, and your business. We’re committed to preventing unnecessary harm by giving you all the knowledge and tools you need to be able to look after yourself and those around you, because when it comes to Adelaide fire safety or Gold Coast fire safety, we have your back with nation wide service.

Book a Fire Blanket Installation in Perth Today.

There’s never been a better time to think about Perth fire safety. We’re here to make the entire process seamless and stress-free. If you want to secure your home or business against a potentially devastating fire, get advice by calling our customer service team on 131 546.

No matter the nature of your business, we can ensure your compliance with the latest safety standards and give you peace of mind knowing you’re prepared if the worst should happen. What are you waiting for? Arrange a consultation today!
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