Fire Safety in Sunshine

Fire safety in Sunshine has always been important, but now companies rely on portable electrical appliances more and more. This enables tasks to be completed that weren’t previously possible and provides tremendous increases in productivity. On the downside, electrical equipment is one of the greatest causes of fires in companies. So, in order to gain full benefit from this equipment, it’s also necessary to guard against the potential threats.
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The Advantages of Testing and Tagging Portable Electrical Appliances

This equipment will inevitably deteriorate with use and can eventually fail. At best, that will cause a break in production while it’s fixed or replaced. At worst, however, it can result in a fire that’s disastrous for the business.

The best way to avoid this is to check and maintain electrical equipment periodically so it’s kept in good condition and you’re aware of potential failures. One aspect of this is a process known as ‘test and tag’, which comprises a two-part safety check:

Each piece of equipment is visually inspected to check for signs of damage and is then electrically tested to ensure it performs correctly.

The Importance of Fire Safety on the Sunshine Coast

If the equipment is found to be compliant, a tag is attached showing the date of the test, the name of the person performing the test and the due date for the next test.

Electrical equipment can often be misused or abused over long periods and so regular checking will identify faults that need to be corrected. Worn leads, damaged plugs and overloading of circuits are just a few of the problems that can lead to serious fire hazards that can be potentially disastrous for any business as well as being a real danger for its employees. So it’s in your interest to have your electrical equipment checked periodically so you know it’s safe for use and greatly improving your fire safety in Sunshine.

Comprehensive Action for Fire Safety on the Sunshine Coast

Although regular testing of your electrical equipment is a must, it’s only part of the procedures you should undertake to ensure your employees and business are kept safe. You also need to:

  • conduct a thorough risk assessment to identify potential hazards and determine how to overcome them

  • prepare emergency evacuation plans and organise safe routes that have emergency lighting should a fire occur

  • ensure everyone knows exactly what to do in an emergency

  • install the necessary safety equipment in appropriate locations; this equipment can include fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and smoke alarms

  • have all equipment tested and maintained at prescribed intervals, especially if located in a hostile environment, so you know it will work when needed.

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The crucial point, having installed all equipment and prepared your staff, is to ensure that everything keeps working as it should do. At Jim’s Fire Safety in Sunshine, we can inspect and test all your electrical equipment to ensure it’s in good order and can periodically check your fire safety equipment. In short, we’ll do all we can to ensure you, your staff and your business are kept safe and secure.
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