Fire Safety in Sydney Olympic Park

Fires pose a big threat to lives and property so any company that isn’t prepared for them is taking a gamble that can’t really be justified, therefore, fire safety in Sydney Olympic Park is something to consider. Aside from the legal obligations placed on a business to keep its employees safe, there’s also a responsibility to protect the business itself and ensure its continuance. Providing proper protection against fires is undoubtedly a challenge for any company. But it isn’t something that can be ignored or taken lightly because it’s fundamental to the very survival of the business.
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Types of Fire Safety Equipment and How to Keep them Working Correctly

All companies need an emergency plan that covers escape routes, what people need to do in case of fire and the equipment to deal with a fire. This equipment includes:

  • Fire extinguishers that are the most common equipment to be used when first dealing with a fire. These pressurised tanks contain fire retardant substances that can be sprayed on a fire and have different contents to deal with various types of fire (such as carbon dioxide for electrical fires and ABE powder for many other types of fires). Appropriate extinguishers therefore need to be provided for different areas.
  • Fire blankets that can deal with small fires by covering them to cut off the supply of oxygen that keeps the flames burning.
  • Fire hose reels that are attached to the mains water supply so that jets of water can be sprayed on a fire. This is an effective means of putting out fires, although not for electrical fires and other types that may be made worse.
  • Sprinkler systems that come on automatically when fire is detected. These are suitable for large buildings and can deal effectively and quickly with serious fires.
  • Smoke detectors that sound an audible alarm when there is smoke and enable action to be taken before the problem becomes serious.
  • Emergency lighting that indicates a path to safety if a fire occurs and regular lighting is extinguished or obscured by smoke.

The Need for Effective Fire Safety at the Sydney Olympic Park

Various types of safety equipment can be fitted as a combination to provide comprehensive protection against fire. However, these will only be effective if employees know how to operate and react to them and if they are in full working order.

At Jim’s Fire Safety in Sydney Olympic Park, we can provide a full testing schedule to ensure all your fire safety equipment is inspected and checked at the required intervals. We’ll ensure everything works as it should and is fully effective when you need it most. We’ll document and report all our findings so you know any action that needs to be taken and will have a complete documented history for each piece of equipment.

Fire safety in Olympic Park is a serious issue to you and your business so don’t take the risk of having safety equipment or a smoke detector that doesn’t work. If that happens when a fire breaks out, it will be too late to do anything about it so don’t delay and get peace of mind today
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