Smoke Alarm Testing & Inspection in Adelaide

Smoke Alarm Testing Adelaide – Regulations and Responsibilities

Do you own a commercial or residential property in Adelaide? Are you meeting the smoke alarm regulatory requirements for that property? It may not be an element considered by many landlords, property owners and managers but maintaining and testing a property’s smoke alarms is imperative to ensure the safety of the structure and its inhabitants and keeping above the law.

Every region in Australia operates different specific requirements with regards to smoke alarm testing in dwellings and commercial buildings. In Adelaide, you are required to meet the specific responsibilities set out for the South Australia region. These are:

  • Homes or rental properties purchased in South Australia before 1 February 1998 need to have a battery powered alarm installed.
  • Residential properties purchased on or after this date require the installation of a 240 volt mains-powered smoke alarm or a 10-year, non-removable battery powered alarm.
  • Residential properties built on or after 1 January 1995 in South Australia require the installation of a 240 volt mains powered alarm.
  • All smoke alarms must be compliant with each element of the AS 3786 standards, including the requirements for regular maintenance and testing. Smoke alarms must be cleaned, and the batteries replace at least annually. They should be tested even more frequently to ensure they are functioning according to all of the manufacturer’s specifications.

Smoke alarms are one of the most critical fire safety measures. Functioning devices have proven time and time again to be the difference between life and death in the event of a fire. That’s why there are such strict standards in place and why landlords, property owners and managers need to make smoke alarm maintenance and testing a high priority.


Your Local Smoke Alarm Maintenance Experts

For many years, Jim’s Fire Safety have served as the trusted and reliable fire safety partner for business, landlords, property managers and owners right across Adelaide. Fire safety is a major concern, as is ensuring regulatory compliance. When you hire Jim’s Fire Safety to perform scheduled smoke alarm testing and maintenance checks at agreed intervals, you can enjoy complete peace of mind, that you are satisfying all of your responsibilities and compliance needs for smoke alarm regulations.

We offer deep expertise and experience in fire safety equipment testing. Our technicians are familiar with a wide range of alarm devices and brands and can ensure to test all of the functionality of the device, according to the manufacturer specification, during each inspection. We can manage cleaning the alarm system to regulatory standards, change the batteries and advise on any repairs or replacements needed to the system.

Every check is recorded, and a full report is provided after each inspection, so you can easily provide evidence of compliance with fire safety standards if requested by the authorities. Our team is professional and efficient. We’ll get the job done swiftly, yet without leaving a stone unturned. Our notification system ensures you always know when an inspection is due and when we are due to attend your property for testing and maintenance.

For Complete Property Fire Safety in Adelaide, Trust Jim’s Fire Safety

The depth of services goes far beyond smoke alarm testing. We offer property owners and managers in Adelaide a complete bank of fire safety services including fire blanket testing, fire extinguishers inspections, electrical appliance testing and much more.

Get your free, no-obligation quote today for any of our services via our website or complete the online contact form to submit any queries or questions you have. We’re always to help, when for ongoing fire safety maintenance or a fire safety emergency, know that you can always trust in Jim’s Fire Safety to come to your aid.

Jim’s Fire Safety specialises in fire safety protection for homes & workplaces around Australia. We offer a variety of services such as smoke alarm testing and fire extinguisher testing to ensure you are safe if a fire does occur. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.



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