Smoke Alarm Testing & Inspection in Perth

One of the biggest safety devices in any business is one that doesn’t get enough attention or recognition for its role – we’re talking about your smoke alarm of course. A fully functioning smoke alarm can be the difference between life and death. While the role of smoke alarms has not been accounted for at fire scenes in properties in Australia, fire brigades in the U.K. have been recording their role. In 2013–14 alone, no smoke alarm was present in 12,000 (31%) of dwelling fires while a smoke alarm was present but did not operate in 19 per cent of fires.

Now for some even more “alarming” facts:

  • Without functioning alarms, you are 57 percent more likely to suffer property loss and damage
  • The absence of a functioning fire alarm also means that building occupants are 26 percent more likely to suffer serious injuries

Smoke alarms are compulsory in every home and business in Australia by law. Having a smoke alarm in place is one thing, however, maintaining it is another. The presence of a smoke alarm in itself does not strengthen safety – you need to ensure it is maintained and ALWAYS functioning at full capacity to protect the residents or employees in any building.


Expert Smoke Alarm Testing Perth

If you are a real estate agent or a landlord, you are obligated to ensure regular smoke alarm maintenance in rental properties. The standard requirements for maintenance and installation of smoke alarms vary from state to state in terms of intervals of maintenance and precise requirements. However, legislation aside, any property owner or manager needs to take smoke alarm safety incredibly seriously to protect their tenants or employees.

Just as you would organise vehicle or equipment servicing, you should endeavour to schedule routine smoke alarm testing. By booking scheduled maintenance with Jim’s Fire Safety, you need never worry that your smoke alarms will be an issue. Peace of mind for you, peace of mind for your tenants or employees.

Full Smoke Alarm Inspections

The expert technicians at Jim’s Fire Safety can do a full test and review the need for new batteries or replacement alarms at agreed intervals. For landlords and property managers, we can even perform checks of every single alarm in your commercial property or rental housing complex during each maintenance call.

Smoke alarms are subject to a lot more wear and tear than you would expect – especially if they have been exposed to years of dust, dirt, grime and even smoke. We have the skills and expertise to recognise all and any tell-tale signs of issues in advance so that these issues don’t lead to injury.

We even keep detailed records and results of every alarm tested, which can be printed and provided to you to ensure you have all your compliance requirements met. We’re here to help you keep above the law!

The Complete Property Safety Specialists

With Jim’s Fire Safety team, you can consistently rest assured that all your safety needs are being met.

We offer a full range of fire services including fire extinguisher testing, fire hose testing, fire blanket testing, emergency and exit light testing, safety switch testing, electrical testing and much more.

Get your free quote or enquire about any of our services today through our website – we’ll get back as quick as we can with a competitive quote for your needs.

Jim’s Fire Safety specialises in fire safety protection for homes & workplaces around Australia. We offer a variety of services such as smoke alarm testing and fire extinguisher testing to ensure you are safe if a fire does occur. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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