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Fire Extinguisher Testing & Servicing in Perth

One of the key reasons that you should always seek fire extinguisher servicing in Perth from professionals is because teams such as ours adhere to strict guidelines and legislation. We are a Recognised Business under the FPA Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme, which seeks to ensure compliance with codes of practice that achieve the best possible outcomes with regards to the protection of life, the environment and property.
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Our team strives to achieve the high standards of service that all businesses and homeowners, or any customers that we deal with should be afforded. We follow legislation, codes and standards that apply to the fire protection industry strictly. Each territory has its own specific rules and regulations, so you can always depend on us to know exactly what is required and how best to implement fire safety standards on your premises.

At Jim’s Fire Safety, we are competent and experienced individuals that have the necessary qualifications, accreditations and licences.

Our belief in goodwill and responsible corporate and social behaviour carries through in all aspects of our business, to ensure positive outcomes for both the industry and community. We are also dedicated to environmental responsibility and sustainable use of resources.

150 Years of Combined Experience with Testing in Perth

At Jim’s Fire Safety, our specialists have over 150 years of combined experience. We are a highly informed, motivated team that is passionate about fire safety, fire prevention and proactive practices in terms of maintenance and testing of all equipment. We always follow the Australian standard for fire extinguishers to the letter, and get you the protection you need in case of an emergency.

We offer the best fire extinguisher testing service in Perth and encourage those that wish to improve their fire safety standards to get in touch to book an appointment or to learn more about how we can help. Whether that you need afire extinguisher testing service in Adelaide, Perth, or elsewhere in Australia we have you covered.
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Our fire safety testing Perth team are your local experts in fire protection. Ask one of our experienced technicians to visit your business today and carry out a range of fire protection testing services. Our Perth technicians are qualified to complete fire safety testing in line with the national and state-based requirements. Every Jim’s Fire Safety technician has a Certificate II in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing from the Fire Protection Association (FPA) Australia.

Let the fire protection Perth team take care of all your workplace compliance requirements.

We can test, inspect, and maintain you fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire hose reels, smoke alarms, and emergency and exit lights according to the current Australian safety standards. Our friendly staff have many years of combined industry experience. They receive ongoing training to ensure your compliance requirements are always met.

Fire Equipment Services Perth

Jim’s fire safety is a Recognised Business under the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) and a signatory to the FPA Australia Code of Practice. Our technicians serve their community by providing the fire protection services Perth businesses need to stay safe.

Ask one of our testing professionals to visit your place of business and perform any of the following range of services:

Fire Extinguisher Testing Perth

Out of our range of fire equipment testing Perth services, fire extinguisher testing is our most popular. Extinguishers are your first line of defence during a fire so all businesses need access to working equipment. You are required to have your extinguishers serviced at least once every 6 months by a qualified technician. At Jim’s Fire Safety, we complete our tests according to the AS 1851 standard for the maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment. This applies to all portable and wheeled fire extinguishers.

Fire Hose Reel Testing Perth

Hose reel testing is another part of our essential fire safety services Perth offering. Our technicians will perform a range of checks including flow, leakage, and damage tests. According to the AS 1851 standard, you need to have your hose reel tested at least once every 6 months. A second yearly test is required where we will check the anchor point, hose fittings & guide, damage to the hose, and any fire hazards or obstructions around your equipment.

Fire Blanket Testing Perth

Fire blankets are made to suffocate class F fires. That is fires that are fuelled by oils and cooking fats. If you have a kitchen at your place of work, ask our fire protection services Perth team to make sure your fire blankets are in working order. With a functional fire blanket, you can save precious time in an emergency. Rest easy knowing that your staff are protected and your compliance requirements are covered.

Smoke Alarm Testing Perth

Our property management services are perfect for real estate companies and landlords. Let us create a package and service your entire rental property. We can check smoke alarms and RCDs in a number of properties and remind you when your next test is due. The fire protection testing Perth team have years of experience ensuring domestic safety. We’re up to date with the latest legislation so we can answer any of your questions about smoke alarms.

Emergency and Exit Light Testing Perth

Our services aren’t limited to fire equipment testing Perth! We also perform electrical risk assessment and emergency and exit light testing services. When we test your lights, we do it according to the AS 2293.2 standard for the inspection and maintenance of emergency escape lighting and exit signs for buildings. We also provide bulb replacement services.

Why should I choose Jim’s Fire Safety?

We are a group of dedicated fire safety professionals who genuinely care about your safety. We have many years of experience in safety testing and we are fully qualified to service businesses across Australia.

When you work with our fire safety services Perth team, you’ll have access to the following range of benefits:

  • Friendly service
  • Expert advice
  • Free reminder service
  • Full suite of safety testing services
  • Ongoing support
  • Mobile services across Perth and surrounding areas

After our fire protection services Perth team members have completed their work for your business, you’ll receive a report filled with detailed testing results. Each piece of equipment will be assigned either a pass or a fail and a date for the next test. The next date will be chosen according to the relevant Australian safety standard.

If you’re after more than just our fire equipment services Perth team, feel free to ask us about our range of electrical risk assessment services. We complete all types of equipment and appliance testing services for businesses as well as portable and fixed RCD testing.

Ready to book our fire protection services Perth? Call us now on 131546 or fill in the online form for a FREE QUOTE.


The Importance of Fire Extinguishers

We all know that fires can cause an unprecedented amount of damage and destruction to homes, businesses and wider communities. What starts out as a small fire can very quickly escalate into something far more concerning, and can easily turn entire lives and whole neighbourhoods upside down in a matter of hours.

Many people underestimate just how powerful fire extinguishers are when it comes to the struggle to control fires. By purchasing extinguishers and ensuring they undergo regular fire extinguisher servicing, Perth residents and businesspeople can be comfortable in the knowledge that they’re successfully minimising the risk of seeing their homes and/or businesses utterly devastated by fire.

In fact, research has shown that around 80% of all fires can easily be put out by a simple fire extinguisher and prevented from developing into more dangerous emergencies. We can therefore safely assume that our communities would enjoy far higher levels of fire safety and protection if more homes and businesses had quality extinguishers installed, and worked with one of the experts in fire extinguisher testing Perth has to offer in order to ensure that their extinguishers were always fully-functional and effective when they’re needed most.

Plus, by ensuring we have everything possible in place to enable us to prevent any future fires from getting out of hand, we not only help to keep ourselves and those around us safe, but we also serve to protect the environment from the dangerous and destructive fumes produced by smoke and burning debris.

The Benefits of Professional Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Perth business owners may presume that they’re able to completely ignore their new fire extinguishers once they’ve purchased them and that the new safety devices are bound to perform their jobs correctly in the event of a future fire.

But the truth is that it’s extremely important to have your fire extinguishers regularly tested and serviced, as otherwise there’s no guaranteeing that they’ll perform as expected and required when the moment comes. A dysfunctional fire extinguisher can have devastating consequences during an emergency situation, so it’s always worth your time and money to keep your extinguishers in top condition.

The Best Fire Extinguisher Service Perth Has to Offer

Fortunately, when you choose to work with Jim’s Fire Safety, you can be entirely confident that it couldn’t be any easier or more affordable to ensure that your fire extinguishers are in good shape and can be relied upon to do their jobs correctly should they be required.

Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals can swiftly and easily diagnose any problems with your extinguishers and perform any important maintenance work and servicing that may be required. And thanks to this, combined with our commitment to keeping our prices as low as we possibly can, we’ve developed a reputation for being the leading fire extinguisher service Perth has available.

Simply get in touch with a member of our friendly and professional team to find out more information about our range of services, and you can easily ensure that your home or business is fully protected against the threat of fire.

Jim’s Fire Safety specialises in fire safety protection for homes & workplaces around Australia. We offer a variety of services such as smoke alarm testing and fire extinguisher testing to ensure you are safe if a fire does occur. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

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