Fire Safety in Burwood

If so, then look no further. We are Australia’s number one fire safety Burwood specialists, providing inspection, test and tagging, replacement and maintenance services all across the country. At Jim’s Fire Safety, we are proud to be part of the international Jim’s Group brand and build on the stellar reputation that has earned the trust and continued support of Australians in every state. If you operate your own business, fire hose Australian Standards, Building Codes and Industry standards dictate that you are required to implement specific safety precautions and equipment. We help you to make sure that your equipment is ready for use in the unlikely event you’ll need them.
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Correct Extinguisher Coding in Burwood

It’s important to recognise the different colour coding associated with fire extinguishers and make sure you have the proper unit or units on display in your property. If you are a business owner or a designated fire marshall then it is your responsibility to inform your colleagues of the differences between each extinguisher and the specific types of fires each should be used on. All extinguisher units are red, with some containing a coloured band denoting their contents:

  • Solid red – Contains water. Suitable for Class A fires (paper, wood, cardboard) and should not be used on electrical fires.
  • Black band – Contains carbon dioxide. Suitable for Class E electrical fires.
  • Blue band – Contains foam. Suitable for Class A and B fires (paper, wood, cardboard, flammable and combustible liquids) and should not be used on electrical fires.
  • White band – Contains dry chemical or powder. Suitable for Class A, B, C and E fires (most fires except for oils and fats).
  • Orange band – Contains wet chemical. Suitable for Class F fires (cooking oils and fats, paper and wood) and not to be used on electrical fires.
  • Yellow band – Contains vaporising liquid. Suitable for Class A and E fires (paper, wood, cardboard and electrical).

Take Every Precaution with Jim’s Portable Fire Equipment Servicing in Burwood

Fire training and clear emergency protocols are a great way to mitigate against a fire. However, there is no replacement for modern equipment that’s tested, tagged and ready to give you advanced warning or suppress and extinguish a fire in an emergency. Jim’s Fire Safety in Burwood offers unrivalled smoke alarm testing, blanket testing, , extinguisher testing, hose reel testing and emergency exit light testing. We also provide property management services that take the stress of responsibility for the preparedness of multiple properties off your shoulders. We schedule appropriate inspections specific to your last inspection and keep a close eye on the life-saving equipment which will hopefully never be needed so that you can rest assured you are safe if the worst happens.

Your One-Stop Shop for Burwood Fire Safety

If you have any concerns about your fire safety in Burwood, then don’t hesitate to contact Jim’s Fire Safety. We can assess your equipment, replace or repair it and make sure it’s kept in excellent working condition. Get in touch with us today by phone or online to avail of your free no-obligation quote. We promise you won’t regret it!
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