Fire Safety in Brisbane

Our team of technicians at Jim’s Fire Safety have over 150 years of combined experience when it comes to fire safety in Brisbane. We have a refined method for safety testing and fire prevention which means we can assess the risk in your building and make the necessary recommendations that will best suit you.
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Experienced Fire Safety Technicians in Brisbane

We make investing in fire protection equipment incredibly simple because we have the best technicians on our team. To ensure we always have a clear picture of your fire safety and protection situation, we keep records of the measures you have in place so we can help you maintain them.

Let us worry about your fire safety obligations so you don’t have to. We ensure every test we carry out is executed with the utmost care and precision. When you work with us, you can rest assured that the safety of your home or office is in capable hands.

Fire Safety Hose Testing in Brisbane

In a workplace, fire hose reels can be used in place of fire extinguishers. We can provide life-saving hose reel testing to any business that is looking to ensure the safety of their employees and property. During a consultation, we will even assess the functionality and accessibility and compliance to Australian standards for fire hose reels as outlined in the Building Code of Australia.

A fire hose is designed to protect against fires that are fuelled by wood or paper and you should never use them on electrical, cooking fat or petrol/oil fires. Your hose will be connected to your mains water supply and you must only use them once the area has been evacuated.

Reels are intended to be the first response in order to control or suppress a fire. If the fire becomes out of control you should call the emergency services. Jim’s experienced team of fire safety in Brisbane technicians can inspect hoses in Brisbane to make sure your business is complying with Australian safe work standards.

Because a fire hose reel is more complex than a fire extinguisher, some elements need to be tested every six months while others only have to be tested yearly. When you have Jim’s Fire Safety team supporting you, you can forget about testing and focus on your business. Our trained and passionate professionals will ensure you’re safe and compliant.

Every time we test your reel, you’ll also get a detailed status report with the results of the tests as well as any recommendations. You’ll never miss another fire safety test because we’re here to remind you when your next inspection is due. If your looking for information in Brisbane fire safety then work with the best.

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Whether you need advice on fire safety compliance in Melbourne or a fire safety technician in Perth, we’re ready and waiting to offer you a comprehensive and professional service.

Call 131 546 to speak to a member of our customer service team today! You can also go online to get a free, no-obligation quote from our website and take the first step towards fire safety compliance with the experts by your side.
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