Fire Safety in Sydney

Then look no further than Jim’s Fire Safety. For decades we have been providing first-rate fire equipment testing, maintenance, replacement and monitoring services to Australians from all walks of life across every state in the country. Proud members of the Jim’s Group brand, we provide an industry-leading service that has earned the trust and dependence of countless Australians.
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The Inherent Danger Posed by Fire in Sydney

For our ancestors, fire was the great bringer of heat and light. It protected us from danger, cooked our food and provided much-needed warmth in harsh weather. We depended on it greatly until technological innovation surpassed the need for naked flames with the introduction of the light bulb, central heating and the kitchen stove. A bizarre turn of fate sees fire, once a much depended upon saviour for humankind, reduced to a risk that needs to be protected against. Fires of all kind have always required extreme control and care, today, that care manifests itself in extinguishers, smoke alarms and smothering blankets.

These simple appliances have saved countless lives in the modern era by giving advanced warning of a growing blaze and snuffing it out in time. We rely on such equipment every day regardless of whether or not a fire breaks out. Combatting a flame in a domestic or professional setting is very much reliant on the condition of the tools at our disposal. An extinguisher that has seen previous use or that has exceeded its date of effectiveness is of little help if it is called upon to put out a fire. That is why staying on top of fire extinguisher testing, maintenance and servicing is essential.

The Lifesaving Effects of Maintaining Your Smoke Alarms in Sydney

Smoke alarms are without a doubt the strongest defence in the fight against an outbreak or spread of fire. By detecting smoke that could indicate a blaze, these simple devices blare a loud tone to call attention from everyone nearby, thereby maximising the chances of combatting the flames or evacuating the area as appropriate. Alarms are so effective in protecting from fire damage that they have become legal requirements in every building in the Western world. In New South Wales all private dwellings must contain smoke alarms that are either connected directly to the power mains or powered by a non-removable battery with a power lifetime of ten years. All landlords must install, maintain and test smoke alarms under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.

Sydney Specialists For Peace Of Mind

When it comes to fire safety in Sydney, no one takes more precaution than Jim’s Fire Safety. If you are in the market for unrivalled, industry-leading preventative services like testing, tagging, close monitoring, property management, maintenance or replacement of your fire safety equipment then look no further than Jim. Our team of expert technicians and customer service agents have the skills and commitment to quality that you, your property and those whose safety you are responsible for, deserve. If you would like to avail of a free quote, then why not get in touch with us today and see what peace of mind we can offer you!
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